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World Bit Bank – World’s 1st Legal Cryptocurrency Bank

World Bit Bank – World’s 1st Legal Cryptocurrency Bank 64ee6fdcdf0b0aef42f63a97da1bc59e


The founder of this IT Vitsolutions, LLC company Igor Romanenko and his staff have spent over two decades developing the project for the world’s first international cryptocurrency lender under the World Bit Bank (WBB) brand.

The most important intention of establishment a World Bit Group company is to conduct the PRE-ICO for implementation of the project, legally.

The implementation of this project in the financial world that is existing will allow each person to become an active player in the fiscal world that is new.

The project involves the development of technology and the establishment of an global cryptocurrency bank under the World Bit Bank (WBB) brand, whose work is predicated on two important technologies: cellular, as a means of conducting real-time monetary trades, and blockchain technology — using cryptocurrency (Wibcoin token) as the unit of account on earth Bit Bank ecosystem.

The World Bit Bank (WBB) job Provides a fresh solution developed from blockchain technology and associated with 5G fund, especially:

- Complete transboundariness;

- Cross-platform nature;

- Straightforward use;

- Instantaneousness of transactions;

- Funds always under control. The client’s funds cannot be treated without the Customer’s acceptance;

- Zero or low transaction fees;

- Security thanks to cryptography;

- API with open source code

- Full transparency of origin and movement of funds between accounts;


From that perspective a brand new up-and-coming cryptocurrency business is likely to carry out an ICO pre-sale that includes marketing, technical development of earth Bit Bank project, development of this cryptocurrency wallet WBB Wallet; evolution of this cryptocurrency exchange WBB Exchange, growth of the WBB Mobile Banking model, wage fund.

There are some soft and hard caps values. It is supposed to rise:

SOFT CAP = € 500 thousand equivalent to 667.61 ETH (at an exchange rate of € 748.941ETH, as of 16. 02.2018).

HARD CAP = € 25 million equivalent to 33 380.51 ETH (at an exchange of € 748.941ETH, as of 16.02.2018)

This includes marketing, acquisition of one bank, development of the WBB Mobile Banking software; establishment of the WBB Exchange; establishment of the cryptocurrency fund WBB – Found; establishment of the WBB Depositary (storage of digital assets); creation and sale of card product packages (VirtualElectron, Classic, Gold, Platinum) in cryptocurrency, wage fund.

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